In addition to the studio spaces, our unique bar/lounge is available as a client area while shooting. It is also suited for creative meetings, brainstorm sessions, art exhibitions, pop-up dining, film + photo shoots and other types of events.


Price: 250€/day (+)

2x  Large Meeting Tables (8p/each)
Lounge Surface 120 m2
Bar Area
Multiple Sofa Areas
Wireless AirPlay Speakers
Private Parking Lot
Optional 65″ LG OLED TV + Airplay (75€)
Optional in-house catering (20€/pp)

(+) Standard price is VAT excl. from 9am till 5pm and valid for meetings and brainstorm sessions. Rates for half-days, weekends, evenings and other types of events deviate from the standard day fee. Please contact us for a custom offer. Prices are subject to change.