Studio Kartel is a Cyclorama Film & Photo Studio with client bar/lounge and several Art, Event & Meeting spaces. Our exceptional site is centrally located in the former Festraets Garage (ex-Wagenoord) in Mechelen, right between Antwerp and Brussels, easily accessible from the E19 Mechelen-Noord exit. It is available for rent for multiple purposes. We also offer in-house catering by Fleur d’Or and service photographers and filmmakers with rental equipment by Playback.

In addition to our location and event services, our property also houses several audiovisual companies such as Titles, Sliced Collective, The View Locations, and AMOK.



















Our studios are available for rent seperately, together and/or in combination with a dedicated client lounge area. We also offer optional possibilities for in-house catering and/or equipment rental (cameras, lenses, monitoring, support, sound, lighting, grip and accessories,…).


Price: 450€/day (*)

Cyclorama 8,5 x 6,0 x 4,0m height
Technical ceiling (Soon)
Daylight + Blackout available
2 x 16A three phase (400V) sockets (**)
Studio Surface 160 m2
Make-Up Area
Sofa Area
Wireless AirPlay Speakers
Private Parking Lot
Drive-In Access (4m)
Cambo MBX-2 Studio Stand
Sachtler V20P Tripod
Backstage Film Cart


Price: 350€/day (*)

Colorama Rolleasy 2,72 x 4,0 m height
1 x 16A three phase (400V) socket (**)
Studio Surface 40 m2
Make-Up Area
Sofa Area
Wireless AirPlay Speakers
Private Parking Lot
Drive-In Access (4m)


Please contact us more info

65″ LG OLED TV (75€)
Cyclo Lighting (200€)
HMI / Tungsten Power (100€)
Extra Hours Before 8am / After 6pm (*)
Extra Weekend Fee (125€)
Cyclo Full (White) (250€)
Cyclo Floor (White) (100€)
Cyclo Full (Color) (ASK€)
Catering (20€/pp)

(*) Standard price is VAT excl. for a 10hour day (from 8am till 6pm). Overtime is applicable before 8am and after 6pm at 50€/hour. Overtime before 6am and after 8pm is possible at 100€/hour. Overtime after 10pm is 150€/hour. Editorial rates are available.
(**) Power use will be invoiced at 0,22€/kWh.  Power Generators ranging from 32 to 250KWh are available for large HMI/Tungsten setups.
Prices are subject to change.



















In addition to the studio spaces, our unique bar/lounge is available as a client area while shooting. It is also suited for creative meetings, brainstorm sessions, art exhibitions, pop-up dining, film + photo shoots and other types of events.


Price: 250€/day (+)

2x  Large Meeting Tables (8p/each)
Lounge Surface 120 m2
Bar Area
Multiple Sofa Areas
Wireless AirPlay Speakers
Private Parking Lot
Optional 65″ LG OLED TV + Airplay (75€)
Optional in-house catering (20€/pp)

(+) Standard price is VAT excl. from 9am till 5pm and valid for meetings and brainstorm sessions. Rates for half-days, weekends, evenings and other types of events deviate from the standard day fee. Please contact us for a custom offer. Prices are subject to change.



















Take a look at recent work shot in our studios and exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots on our Instagram Feed!




















Maurits Sabbestraat 123
2800 Mechelen